Red rock goes green

Red Rock Painting is committed to providing its products and services in the most environmentally friendly way.

This means that from the start, when we chose our paint manufacturers, we research those that provide low impact paints wherever possible. In addition, we make sure that we provide you, our customer, the choice of a variety of coatings, services and methods that best fit your requirements. We will ensure that the products we use are applied in an efficient way and more importantly we will ensure that they have the least toxins for both the application and the clean up afterward. We also will dispose of any excess materials in the most environmentally friendly way.

The paint manufacturers we choose to do business with are required to provide low Volatile Organic Compound paints (VOC’s). Some of these VOC’s are compounds such as Benzene, Ethylene Glycol, Vinyl Chloride and Mercury. We have identified and use many new paints, which are water based. This means less (VOC’s) toxins and make them more Eco-friendly.

Generally, the less VOC’s in a paint, the less impact on the environment and on your potential health (because of the toxins you may breathe in).

Here are a few ways Red Rock has adopted “Green” procedures.

  • Use of Latex Paints wherever possible – Do not require paint thinner or solvents for cleaning.
  • Using Oil based paints for unfinished wood only.
  • Identifying “Green Seal” (An independent, not for profit organization that performs environmental evaluations) marked products that verifies ingredients which meet certain environmental standards.
  • All unused paint gets recycled, donated to local organizations or disposed of in an environmentally conscious way.
  • Zero VOC Paints – If you want zero emissions and zero impact, we offer a product called “Milk Paint”. This is best used in specific cases, please contact us to see if this kind of paint is the best solution for your requirements.

By embracing environmentally friendly products, Red Rock Painting stands out as a valued and respected partner for your painting needs. We do this not because it is a trend or movement, but because like you we have family and friends that are affected by the way we do business and we want to make sure we use the safest products for the benefit of all of us.